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This is a official page of Salambudesigner. And i would like to welcome all of the vistors of this site. The main aim of this site to promote this my small company on line. The other purpose ot the site is to share my work to others. As well as i'm a travel lover so i tried to to travel much so another purpose is to share travelling experience as well to help other traveller to learn more about these places.

Nirmal Bista
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This is a official website of Salambudesigner.net. This site is designed by me "Nirmal Bista". This is a very small company works on differrent basis of technology feild: from making website to editing audio and Video.

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This is a very small company so it is working on very basic thiings like updating website and making and making and editing simple video. So i may be the perfect for low budget organization to update their website.

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I'm also a travel lover and i tried to visit a lot. So in this website i'm also going to share a lots of things about my travel. I will try my best to include complete information so that other traveller can take help from my writing and helping tips.

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