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Chachhara Humla by Nirmal Bista
Chachhara Humla by Nirmal Bista

Hello Everyone my name is Nirmal Bista. I'm everything of Salambudesigner. Because i have created this by my self. Or you can say this is my dream project but which i cant give much time and look like ignoring it. Salambu Designer is a dream, i started it like joke without any passion but now Thinking a lot of about it. Being too much busy i am not able to give sufficient time on this site but now I am trying very hard to keep on update my site.

About Salambu Designer How it starts and how it gonna  be:

Snowfall in Simkot

Simkot is a mountain City and head quarter of Humla District which is in the Karnali region. I seen the snow before but i never seen the snow falling  so i made the video of snow falling in the simkot. You can say on this kind of heavy snow fall life does not stop here. They have to keep continue. I stayed in Simkot for Hole winter and enjoy the snow and it is awesome. . 

HEAD Nepal Extension

i don't know why i made this video but you can say i am learning video editing while making that video and i'm highly interested in making videos of different places. Still i'm intereested in making the videos of different places but because of different circumstances i am unable to do that and i'm not that good yet. this is the result of this video. 

Thehe Village Humla

Thehe Village is one of the nearest village from head quarter Simkot. It takes about 3 hour walk for regular local people and 4 to five hour for other people. it took me about three hours walking alone. I reached there for the first time with no reason so i named this Video walk to thehe. Going to Thehe is easy rather than coming back to Simkot. For the first time it took moe double time for returning from Thehe To Simkot. 

Swayambhunath Gumba in the hear of Kathmandu

Swyambhunath Gumba is lied in the heart of Kathmandu Valley surounded by huge croud of people and houses but this umba provide the great view of eastern kathmandu valley and feels like you are not in Kathmandu Valley

Once i was in Nuwakot and teach in Shree Kabir Primary Boarding School

Travelling form Nuwakot to Kathmandu and Nepalgunj and finally to Simkot

Teej Celebration of HEAD Nepal 2074

This is like time pass for me to make this video so i didn't put that much effort making this video. 

Dandafaya a short walk from Simkot for refreshment

Deusi Bhailo of HEAD Nepal

This is the simple video made by and iphone not that hard. which shows the event of deusi bhailo of HEAD Nepal my office.

Hepka Village Humla