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Chachhara Humla by Nirmal Bista
Chachhara Humla by Nirmal Bista

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Welcome to my "My Travel" Page. I'm Nirmal Bista. In this page i have planed to put my travel report. This travel report gives you information about Travel to Nepal. These all travel report are based up on my own travel. I love travelling and i wanted to share my travel because i wanted to prove that Nepal is a beautiful country and everybody should visit this country. I also encourage Nepali visitors to first travel the hidden parts of Nepal which is very much beautiful and does not cost you much. Discover Nepal first. My article also help other visitors and travelers to plan their visits. So my best concern is to provide you the full detail of the visited place and i'm providing them free of cost.So this travel report mostly help these people like me who wants to travel alone and wanted to be prepared before the journey. I may not have sufficient info but all i have are 100% trusted because i traveled my self.  

Nirmal Bista

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Visited palces

I do not have travel that much but I visited much more place than others I believe. I have manage information by District. I have categorized the name of places according to the district. Here are the List of District which I have travel.